Re: The Flat Earth?

Eric Shook (Panopticon@oubliette.COM)
Fri, 5 May 95 12:31:16 CST

In article <3obtef$> (Philip Young) writes:
> the real truth of the matter is that the
> Earth is indeed flat. Infinitely repeating tessellations cover the
> plane, so dimension is 2, not less. Therefore, you won't ever fall
> off the edge, you'll just move into the next (deformed? transformed?)
> square.
> Objection 1: The supposed impossibility of mapping a spherical surface
> onto a flat plane while preserving distance relationships.
> Refutation: Space is expanding in ways difficult to comprehend for
> beings accustomed to Euclidean 3-space. Remember it's not expanding
> into another spatial dimension; the actual shape of 3D space is deformed.
> Note that this implies complementary tessellations. We've also disposed
> of the pesky notion of free will, since motion is now coupled to an
> infinite series of conjugate bodies, all constrained to move in the
> same direction, alternately separated by distance D and (complement D).
> Sort of the Tomes Harmonic Theory with bells on. Stand between two
> parallel mirrors, you'll get the idea.
> Objection 2: Pictures from space seem to show a round Earth.
> Refutation: Light paths curve, converging upwards. The light horizon
> is one tile, and the shape of the curve is like an inverse gravity
> well with odd skirts. The higher you go, the smaller the Earth appears.
> Planets, even the Moon, are all infinite, parallel, non-intersecting
> planes in Escher space.

Its about time you mathematicians and physicists came around and actually
made a significant discovery! And to think, while tripping on some wicked
acid back in 1981 this "infinite flat reality tessalation" had already become
quite _clearly_ apparent to me. Damn! I should have published. How bitter I
am now! I should have known that all of that acid would serve me well if I
had only trusted it as an accurate means of seeing the world. Again, dem it!

Have you ever noticed that everywhere you go everything has a new behind?

Even _I_ am baffled by this fact.

-- Eric Nelson --
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee: