Re: The "unification" of States (was American Civil War)

Gil Hardwick (
Thu, 04 May 1995 04:59:04 GMT

In article <>, Richard Spear ( writes:
>Yes, this is quite true. Marx wrote a series of letters to Abraham Lincoln,
>extolling him for waging the war and urging the destruction of slavery in
>favor of industrialization. The evolutionarily linear perspective of marxism
>required that slavery be superceded by capitalism before a socialist society
>would become feasible, and Karl wanted to be sure that Lincoln pursued the war
>until the south entered the "new world order" of capitalism.
>There is no record of Lincoln responding to any of the missives, by the way.

Although Lincoln went ahead with the war regardless, Richard.

For all us paysans and indigenes out here who yet suffer the brunt of
all this industrialist warring and crud politics over exploitation of
our natural resources, splitting the Capitalist/Communist straw on the
manner of industrial expansion is no consolation whatsoever.

I fail to see that the urban working classes have managed to enjoy the
experience either, even today when so much "progress" is supposed to
have been made. During the 1980s their life-savings were just ripped
off anyway by the financial institutions which "collapsed" trying to
recover billions in bad debts they themselves had allowed all these
"entrepreneurs" and "developers" to incur.

Surely all that money didn't just disappear simply because the bank
holding the stuff in trust decided to go out of business. So who's got
it now? No prizes for guessing . . .

"Socialist Society" failed to evolve for precisely the same reason as
the rural communities and traditional cultures everywhere are caused
to collapse, forcing an ever-expanding mass urbanisation and land
degradation on a global scale.

Because there are a relatively few high level bureaucrats from both
camps who insist on deploying their powerful military infrastructure
to protect the industrial sector against anyone who dares complain
that they don't have enough to eat, adequate medical attention, or a
decent house to live in.

Oh, sorry, it's all their fault isn't it. All these basket cases in
the world. Overpopulated as they are.

They just can't control their filthy breeding habits, can they . . .

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