Re: Incest taboos

Pamela N. Lindell (
3 May 1995 03:02:46 GMT

Joseph Askew ( wrote:
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: >I think this fits into Levi-Strauss' "self vs. other" explanation of the
: >incest taboo as, but I think Malinowski's family structure
: >argument is worth considering also -- that is, sexual relations between
: >"family" memebers (whoever they might be) are not conducive to family
: >cohesion.

: So sleeping with the wife is the cause of most arguments?

That would explain our high divorce rate! Ha, just kidding.

: I always thought it was one of the more prominent ways of
: encouraging cohesion. Compare this with the obvious and
: famously disruptive affects of marrying outside the family.

: Joseph

Per sexual relations in the family, I think that if, for example, a male
was sleeping with both his wife and his daughter, it could well lead to
jealousy and in those terms family cohesion could be disrupted. In
some polygynous societies, there is animosity between wives so even if
multiple spouses/partners are institutionalized doesn't neccesarily mean
that everyone is happy about it.