Re: matriarchal cultures

Eric Shook (Panopticon@oubliette.COM)
Wed, 3 May 95 12:53:46 CST

In article <3o1hrd$> (Mary Beth Williams) writes:

> Yes, I know that I'm doomed to be chided for jumping into this
> mid-thread, but I seemed to have lost this newsgroup when I shifted
> servers a month back. However, I've gone back about 100 posts, and
> still haven't picked up the beginning of this thread, but I'm very
> intrigued as I'm currently researching patri- and matrilocality among
> groups in the Eastern Woodlands (North America), including the Iroquois
> (and proto-Iroquois). Would if be terribly rude of me to request a
> quick recap of how this thread was initiated?

As I recall, while this may be sci.anthropology, this particular thread
is a mere expansion upon the "evidence for the BIG BANG" discussion. I
believe that it was Gil who said that "cosmology is the _mother_ of all
inventions," and someone else took his statement as a bold attempt at
reviving our hold, as anthropologists, on our newsgroup. So now, returning to
the old ways, resisting the dominant topics, someone else has proposed
that we look for a more nurturing force to speak of in our camp other than God
or Physics. So, here we are.....looking for our mommies.

At least thats how I think that we came to this point, then again, maybe
I've been reading so much about BIG BANG that I now gravitate towards it as
if it were the center of my universe, only occasionally pausing in my rapid
descent so that I may stoop to contemplate who created God, or Why racism
is bad. Personally, I have recently concluded that God gets a big bang out
of being! save me, someone! I want my Mommie!

-- Eric Nelson --
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee: