Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Chris Degnen (
4 May 1995 15:40:24 GMT (Robert Roosen) writes:

> So when the big bang types talk about God, they are talking about
> an entity that was invented by humans for now outdated purposes.

The Big Bang theory has been seized upon as a proof of the finiteness of
the universe, which is very suitable for humans who feel uncomfortable with
uncertainty and big things like infinity. As reality (sum of possibilities)
tends to infinity, weirder and weirder things become probable. At infinity
things are very strange indeed.
Finity fans probably do tend to define God as the social superstructure,
on the basis that life is tops.
Infinity fans can't prove anything, neither can they be disabused of the
possibility, but perhaps hybridity allows for the borderline between the
paradigms to be explored, however eternal actuality is practically a quantum
leap from finity, so the in-between is vast. Just a thought.