Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

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28 Apr 1995 22:31:35 -0700

Robert Hartman ( wrote:
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"Donald Edwards <> wrote:
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":">>I must disagree with you. Her post reeked of antisemitism, whether
":">>or not it was what she intended. The response you describe as having
":">>made was sound and justified under the circumstances.
":">"Reeked" is just a smear word. What specifically did I say that was
":"Oh dear, let me check ......
":"In <grizzy.55.000AB796@entriprise> grizzy@entriprise (eileen camilleri) writes:
":">: >Hitler is the world's most famous despot because the Jews were very
":">: >successful in their goal to demonize him
":So, where precisely is the anti-Semitism in this true statement?
":If the Jews had shut up about him at the end of the war, he would
":be virtually unheard-of today.
":He would still be one of history's *worst* despots, but not
":singularly famous. The facts of his despotism make it very
":easy to demonize him, but it still takes some effort to keep
":those facts in the public eye.

"I think that the difference between Hitler and other mass-murdering
"despots like Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot is that Hitler was the only one
"to go beyond the borders of his own state to seek out and destroy an
"entire race. Stalin murdered on a vast scale also. But he didn't
"invade neighboring countries to go get his victims. Same with Mao.
"Same with Pol Pot. They all acted with unspeakable evil. But Hitler
"added that little twist of eugenics that made it all the more

"That's why he's more infamous. He's uniquely demonized because his
"program was uniquely demonic.

Hm... after some thought, I can't necessarily agree with that.

Hitler is probably unique in this regard in the period of well-documented
history... but some guy named Joshua did much the same down in
the land of Canaan a while back.

(This is hardly unique... Columbus was the first European to sail
to the New World -- that is, the first with access to the beginnings
of modern communication. His crew apparently included people
who had already been to the New World, and there is good reason to
believe that he was aware of others.)

But still and again, it takes *some* effort to keep the facts of
Hitler's tyranny in the public eye.