Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Gil Hardwick (
Wed, 03 May 1995 04:41:59 GMT

Somebody I missed wrote:

>> Are you really as scientifically illiterate as you imply.
>> The existence of god falls outside of scientific query to the extent
>> that no comment can be made without observations to base them on.
>> There is no experiment that could be formulated to prove god exists or not.
>> So, within the realm of scientific query, that is, using as a basis of
>> understanding the scientific method (in some form), science is mute on
>> the subject of god. There is no compelling evidence for the existence
>> of god within that realm.

No, I am not scientifically illiterate at all. Please do follow the
thread of argument.

It is as you can see on reading it over the propensity of some of the
posters here referring to themselves as scientists continuing to rant
and rave against religion. I do suggest here very strongly, and indeed
have on very numerous occasions, that in doing so they have simply not
understood the nature of scientific enquiry.

If science is indeed mute on the subject of God, please do explain
to us what they are getting so hot under the collar about?

We have seen already where science has chosen to stop at zero, while
the religious have merely gone beyond that to invoke a whole cosmology
of their own quite literally right out of the void.

For heaven's sake, I ask you just where is the conflict? One occupies
quite a different domain from the other, with as I see it no overlap
whatsoever. Without ignoring the fact that any individual is quite
free to go from one domain to the other and back again, as in the
case cited here quite a long time long ago now of the scientist who
reads the sermon in church on Sunday.

On the other hand one would tend to agree that said ranters and ravers
cannot reasonably be included as members of the scientific community
since they choose to overstep the mark so, and to go off engaging the
religious in their unrelenting crusades.

You may well argue of course that as one scientist is free to read
the sermon on Sunday, so any other scientists are free to go play
football, or drink beer or visit prostitutes or maybe fly to Thailand
to play footsies with little boys, or rant and rave against religion,
or whatever they want to do over the weekend.

I merely assert that they cannot do that AS scientists. My position
remains that they just get off these here world science conferences

He who refuses to qualify data is doomed to rant.
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