Re: Anthropology and organizational culture

David Tobey (
2 May 1995 05:03:28 GMT

DANAFAR <> wrote:
> I currently teach a course on the anthropology of organizations, which
> includes a segment devoted to organizational culture.
> There are two recent collection of articles on the anthropology of
> organizations:
> The first is:

Thanks for the excellent review of introductory texts and bibliography.
It will be immeasurably valuable in my research. The National Association
for the Advancement of Anthropology books both sound quite valuable. Do you
have an address or contact information whereby I can get more information
on these?

I'd imagine your course is quite interesting. Where do you teach? Is it within
a business school, or a humanities department? I have too often found that
many business schools have yet to recognize the value of ethnographic research.
My research into organizational cognition is inherently multi-disciplinary, and
therefore often falls into an academic "no-man's land".

Thanks again for your response.

David H. Tobey
Clayton, CA