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1 May 1995 20:02:35 GMT

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ndrew McCaddon) writes:
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> "Stacy Ferguson" writes:
>> ... You know, there ARE
>> actually folks out there who don't know how to use a kill file. Do _you_
>> read every single solitary post made to Usenet? If not, do you consider
>> yourself a censor by not reading them all?
>Dear Stacy,
>Like me. :-) Can you tell me how to use a kill file? Is it to put in names
>for whom you don't want to receive post? Thanks for any help, sorry I'm new
>around here.

As the one who started this little brouhaha, I'm obliged to give some kind of
answer. Unfortunately, it varies so much from one newsreader to another that
there's no answer better than the unhelpful "Read The Manual". If you're on
a Unix system, you can
man <whatever the name of your newsread is>
and have a good chance of finding data on the killfile somewhere. If you use
a newsreader with a graphical interface, such as is common on PCs and Macs,
there will almost certainly be a menu item somewhere for killfile maintenance.
For instance, the almost-very-good Netsuite News actually has Kill item right
on the menu bar, leading to an easy set of choices. But you're probably not
running OS/2.

On Unix, the `tin' reader has an easy kill mechanism: you type Control-K (or
something very like that) while the message is displayed, and you get choices
of what to kill.

Note that you can generally select a subject or an author, and kill in the
current newsgroup or all newsgroups.

Thanks for justifying my conjecture that not everyone is a skilled tinkerer
with his Internet interface.

Dan Drake