Re: If god exists, what created god?

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2 May 1995 12:07 CDT

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>>>>> . . . If [God] is all-powerfull, can he create or destroy himself?
>>>> Your supposition of fact contains the answer to your
>>>>question, as in "if a tomato is red, can a tomato be red?" since
>>>>"all-powerful" signifies any ability whatsoever.
>>>I disagree (well I would, wouldn't I): If god is all-powerfull, he cannot
>>>be destroyed, as that would be a limitation on his power, agreed?
>>>However, as you pointed out, if god is all-powerfull he can do anything,
>>>so we have two incompatible logical statements. Throw in the added
>>>complication that this hypothetical God may not be subject to logic
>>>as we know it and you have a difficult question. (some of you may find
>>>this easy, I dont) Also, if god has the ability to create himself
>>>(interesting concept!) can he ever really be destroyed? Thanks for
>>>provoking me, it makes me think!
>> The eternal God of the universe did not create himself, And as he is eternal he
>> cannot be destroyed!! So where is the logical fallacy here?? The meaning of
>> eternal kind of says he won't do it. But you're asking the eternal God of the
>> universe to commit suicide and that would be like you telling Bill Gates to
>> write a will leaving all his wealth to you and then to prove he can kill himself
>> Shalom in Jesus' Love,
> DO we need another policeman or father as people call him/her/it.

And on what do you base your laws? Your rules of conduct? Tell me why you do or
not do something, one of each would be enough. And please don't be flippant
tell me why don't eat dirt or some such totally irrelevant to this discussion
topic. (Of course the reason why you don't eat dirt is, it probably kill you,
with all the germs and other bugs in it).

> Give me one reson why you need God, and it better be rational
> and I will be converted. However, methinks that God is a figment

I do not do this so that I convince anyone of the truth of my words. I may be
telling a total lie, from all you know of me. I may be Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist,
Jain, Sikh. How do you know who I am? Why should you believe anything I say?

How do you know anything on the Internet is True, and not a lie?

I do this not to convince, but to state my beliefs on this topic! (which is the
only way to do things in a medium such as this.)

> of peoples imagination who need an outside force to propel themselves
> forward in life. Let God rest in peace for we donot need anyone

You and I will know at our deaths, whether God is a figment of my imagination or
not. I probably cannot give any rational explanation of God. This is where
faith comes in. If I had a rational explanation, I would not need faith.

> to come mess up our lives, jesus did enough to sow eternal
> hatred among the Jews and the Christians, Allah pitted the muslims

No Jesus Taught Love your Enemies, It was people who changed it to love
everyone, but do not forgive the Jews for killing Jesus. Forgetting that
without the death of Jesus, The life of Jesus have meant anything, and He came
to Die.

> against every one else and all those Gods in India.....
> ONLY GOD CAN HELP........ (: *_* :)

Yes, only god can lead you to the truth.

>> Sam Chacko