Re: The American Civil War

Avery Kolers (
Fri, 28 Apr 1995 12:49:44 -0500

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> States rights? Sure. The states rights to own and sell slaves. All other
> differences between the north and south could easily have found a
> diplomatic resolution.
> Back to you guys.
> Kevin R. Muldoon
> "Jatts" on AOL

That's not a bad inference, when you consider that current movement of
population and political power to what Kevin Phillips (first) called the
Sun Belt is progressing at a phenomenal rate and another Civil War seems
(at least to me) about as improbable as any possible development in
American politics. Granted, a move away from federal rights to states'
rights like the one Newt Gingrich is "leading" is very different from a
move away from states' to federal rights, since the latter is about losing
authority to control one's own affairs, as "one's own" is perceived to be
the state.
I wonder if we will see the resurgence of New England secessionism after
the progression of Newtism for awhile.
Avery Kolers