Re: The American Civil War

john anderson mcgraw (
1 May 1995 09:21:11 -0600

In article <3nl9tp$>, Jatts <> wrote:
>States rights? Sure. The states rights to own and sell slaves. All other
>differences between the north and south could easily have found a
>diplomatic resolution.
>Back to you guys.
>Kevin R. Muldoon
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gosh, I didn't realize that there were _no_ slaves north of the Mason-Dixon.
Certainly, race-relations in the grand old north have been exemplary
since 1865. Such enlightened folk, to beckon to those they had liberated
with the bejeweled promise of urban living. The North was basically
"different" than the south, i am to suppose. "Different" yet "reconcilable"?


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