Re: If god exists, what created god?

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> -Does God's Knowledge trancend the bounds of Time?
> [Now, if you think it doesn't, you can finish reading this post...*BUT*
If you
> think that his knowledge does trancend the bounds of time then, the logical
> Question is...]
Umm...I'm not exactly sure what you mean but I think you want me
to say "Yes".

> -What is the point of Living since God will know the status of your soul at
> the time of your death [ie. Good, so go to Heaven or, Bad so [excuse the
> expression] go to hell] Why not send us to heaven or hell without putting us
> on earth and wasting all that valuable time?
Because then that makes humanity of no value. We have to act while
we're here; we have to interact with each other and with God; we have to
make the choices (even though God knows we're going to make them) that
determine our eternal destiny.
I think part of the problem with this is your last phrase:
"Wasting all that valuable time". From #1, time means little or nothing to
BTW, you're not talking about orthodox Christianity there. Good
does not automatically mean go to heaven; bad does not automatically mean
go to hell.

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