Re: if god exists, what created god?
Sat, 29 Apr 95 22:42:31 -0500

> My definition of god is an all-powerful being. To be all-powerfull
> godmust have the major properties of Omnipotence (ability to do
> anything)
> Omniscience (knowledge of everything) and Omnipresence (being
> everywhere
> at all times ). If god is to be omnipresent there cannot be any
> moment in
> time at which he did not exist, otherwise he would have no power
> over
> that period of time and would not be all-powerfull.
> Therefore if god exists, he must always have existed and cannot be
> created or destroyed as that would imply a limitation on his power.
> Questions arise such as: if god is all-powerful, is he subject to
> the
> rules of logic? If he is all-powerfull, can he create or destroy
> himself?

Your god sounds like a baby's mama to me! <g>