Re: The "unification" of States (was American Civil War)

Brett K. Heath (
1 May 1995 03:37:40 GMT

Gil Hardwick ( wrote:
> The idea of the American Civil War arising from the refusal of the
> then southern states to give up slavery, vis a vis in all other new
> states no slavery to be permitted at all, is a crock.
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Thank you Gil, it is of course heresy (here) to claim that the American "War
between the States" was not a high-minded crusade against human rights
violations but was rather a blatant conquest by former allies. However,
heresy or not, thats what it was. It has always amazed me how quickly the
concept of cultural relativity gets lost when one starts talking about the
history of ones own culture, I guess tearing down historical Icons is much
more unsettling than questioning current institutions, oh well....

Just wanted to thank you for saying well something that needs to be said
and never is (I personally find american hubris to be almost comical but
probably no more prevalent here and now than it was in any other society
with great political power, some things never change, damn it.)

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