Re: The Flat Earth?

Jarrod J. Williamson (
Mon, 1 May 1995 02:53:06 GMT

Paul Schlyter ( wrote:
> In article <>,

> But to make things really simple: on a flat earth the sun would rise
> and set at the same moment all over the earth, i.e. the entire earth
> would have day, or night. Now, select a friend that you trust for
> this experiment: one of you should travel to another continent.
> Select a moment when one of you sees day while the other sees night
> (if you find it hard to select such a moment, I can help you out).
> Call each other up by telephone, tell each other what you see -- then
> try to explain THAT with a flat-earth model..... <grin>

OBVIOUSLY you haven't given this enough thought. You have been
brainwashed by those nutty round-earthers! The earth truely _is_ flat, it
is just that it has TWO SIDES!!!! While I see day (night) I am on the 'top'
and my telephone friend who sees night (day) is CLEARLY on the other side.

Hmmm . . . ever wonder why those photos from the shuttle only can show
one side at a time? The illusion, from space, that the earth is round come from
the little recognized fact that, while truely flat, the earth is dish-shaped!
Thou fool! How is it that thou seest but canst believe. Surely they shall hear
and see the truth, but shall not perceive!!

jarrod (tongue in cheek)