Re: matriarchal cultures

Gil Hardwick (
Sat, 29 Apr 1995 06:57:13 GMT

In article <>, Gerold Firl ( writes:
>There are solid reasons for believing that even judeo-christian culture is
>built on a foundation of religious tradition in which women, or perhaps it
>would be more accurate to say, feminine values, were highly esteemed. I am
>currently reading joseph campbell's _occidental mythology_, where he
>hypothesizes that the early western agricultural societies were goddess-
>worshiping cultures, making the transition to patriarchy subsequent to
>invasions from pastoral indo-european and semitic tribes. Some of the worst
>excesses of political asymmetry found in europe and the middle east may be
>trabible to the difficulty of eradicating long-standing traditions in which
>female deities were viewed as holding supreme authority.

VERY good, Gerold. B+

I was tempted to give you an A in encouragement, but let's see how we
go shall we?

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