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28 Apr 1995 08:36:08 GMT

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>Carmella V. Greacen <> writes:
>>>I recently had an argument with a friend (at least, I think he's
still one)
>>>in which I postulated that a number of indigenous or primitive or
>>>however-you-want-to-describe-them cultures that are not based on
>>>Judeo-Christianity were matriarchal. I don't mean that women were
>>>_everything_, but rather, that women had more decision-making power,
>>>were at least equal to men in this respect. Of course, being cursed
with a
>>>big mouth and only vague memories of magazine articles and PBS shows
>>>(I think) support me, I was totally incapable of coming up with an
>>>example or two. Since this guy is able to quote every word of the
bible by
>Regarding Matriarchal cultures,
>I also opened my mouth in a recent discussion of the male/female power
>disparity (an ethics class). I pointed out that several Matriarchal
>exist in the modern world, and that these cultures tended to be rather
>and aggressive. But, when pr
>essed I was unable to remember any concrete examples. Any examples
you folk
>can remember?
>Jim Clearman

I do not know precicley how matriarchal the Philippines is labelled as
being, but in my experience there are many "matriarchal" families, many
entrepreureal business women, and, of course, a woman was president of
the Philippines. Violent? One might make an arguement for that. I
wouldn't say it is a generally violent culture, the country has had
it's share, but speaking relitively, I don't think it warrants such a
label. Christian? I think it's about 90 per cent Roman Catholic.

Of course, family name is passed from the father, etc. I'm not sure
what point you all were trying to make with the original comment. I am
guessing that you are criticising patriarchal and Judeo-Christian
cultures. Am I missing the point?

I don't think you should mix INDIGENOUS with PRIMITIVE, however. You
may be confusing some things here- Indigenous peoples to where?
Primitive as in simpler social structure than a state or kingdom (i.e.
band, tribe, chiefdom)?