Re: Early Amerind assimilation (Was: Re: Romans in the New World?)

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29 Jul 1996 23:56:03 GMT

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|> I'd like to see some discussion and literature refs on the
|> subject of social and genetic contacts between East Coast
|> Amerinds and Old World emigrants.

On the other side of the continent, and a lot closer to home for me, it
appears that there was considerable intermarriage between california
indians and the early white settlers/miners of the late 1800's. After
reading the story of ishi, I saw some bulletins by local california
historical societies where the journals of the early settlers gave the
impression that an indian "squaw" was a pretty common occupant of the
california frontier cabins and ranches. Given the indian vulnurability
to disease (ishi died from illness, despite the best care possible in a
city environment) the remoteness and consequent insulation from disease
of the frontier ranches may have been the best/only way for the northern
california indians to contribute to the genetic mix. These indian women
who were co-opted into the white world were able to raise children who
had a decent chance of surviving; the best of a bad bargain.

|> Hyperdiffusion is very bad, of course. But two-way diffusion
|> at a real social frontier is to be expected.

What do you mean by "hyperdiffusion"?

Powell's account of the california indians is interesting. I was
surprised at just how normal the interactions between whites and
indians actually was, in between the massacres that is.

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