John W. Hoopes (
Sun, 28 Jul 1996 21:58:00 -0500

Ed Conrad wrote:
> The latest edition of "Nature," the so-called respected journal,
> rolled off the press today and once again it features a story that
> really should have appeared in a child's book of fairy tales.

Hang it up, Ed. I think you'd find that the review process for Nature
is about as tough as qualifying for an Olympic trial. The fossils are
for real, even if the Allentown headline is poorly worded. "Ape" may
not be the most PC term for a primate ancestor, but natural selection
over vast periods of time remains the best explanation for how this
came into existence, how it found its way into ancient geological
and how we came to be the primate descendants that we are.

Don't be so hard on the scientific community. It will probably save
your and your family's lives when the grim reaper next comes calling.

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