Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?

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26 Jul 1996 11:38:32 -0600

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>>> I can find little reference to actual matriarchy societies...however, I
>>> know that they have existed and will exist.
>>In point of fact, if you cannot find evidence of their having
>>existed, then you do not really "know" that they did. Likewise, it's not
>>likely that you can tell the future. (That old evidence thingy, again.)
>Actually, your assumption is incorrect.

I said "if you cannot find evidence," you don't know the above to be true or
false. Apparently, you mis-spoke yourself earlier. Has precious little
to do with my assumptions, however. :)

>Interestingly enough, I started off on this thread agreeing that there
>wasn't any evidence. Now, as I dig deeper, I have found some evidence
>for a few such tribes. That to me is interesting.

Indeed. Sometimes, the most revealing information is hidden somewhere in
the exceptions to the "rule" (or model). I would predict (following
Smuts' thinking) that cultures in which women are afforded real political
power are matrilocal. This would allow the formation of female
alliances, and hence, perhaps, political power. Is this, in fact, what
you've found so far?