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Eric Brunner (
26 Jul 1996 14:44:30 GMT

Karl Kluge ( wrote:
: In article <4sjnqo$> (Eric Brunner) writes:

: My criticism are for his ears first, of defects of method. In spite of the
: milage that cataclysmic net-kooks (the Ted Hodders of sundry newsgroups),
: and hyperdiffusionist net-kooks (the Steve Whittets of sundry newsgroups),
: and the creationists net-kooks (too many to mention), and the pseudo-
: scientism net-kooks (the Gerold Firls of sundry newsgroups), each get out
: of their divergent purpose-built readings of his last book length work,
: news groups and net kookery is not the first or best place to attempt real
: work.

: You'll just have to wait, and don't forget to capitalize proper names.

: And while capitalizing, make sure to get the spelling correct as well.

Thanks. I'd forgotten that particular person's name and was not very
interested in finding it, as it has only the remotest of connection to
the subject at hand. Forgive me if I don't read the rest of your 47K of
text, if Firl (and you) have a point to make, it is specific to a very
specific text, either somewhere in RE/WL, or in the cite by Ted Holden
Firl relies upon.

In any event, this is rather a detour from the subject at hand, being one
of Firl's frequent creative evasions from TB forensics, and Contact Period
problems in ethnographers, the historical record of Contact and the Post
Contact period regionally, and the interpretation of the archaeological

Feel free however, to join in Firl's scholarship Karl, and do keep in mind
that real processualists do have some awareness of the limitations of the
popular conception of science, and of scienticisms. After all, processualists
do read post-processualists, and not just for the humor content.

Deletions. I don't think a "Freudian process" is germane, and I really
don't care what work of Vine's is being posted if it isn't the one under


Eric Brunner