William R. Belcher (
26 Jul 1996 05:06:47 GMT (Ed Conrad) wrote:

Well, someone seems a bit preturbed by this finding. You are by chance a
closet creationist...but seriously...I haven't read the article in Nature
so I don't know how sensational they may have tried to make it. But
newspaper editors and reports notoriously do not check their facts when
it comes to this stuff - not because they trust scientists, but they are
in a hurry to get it to press and they do tend to sensualize things. We
all have many experiences with the press and request copy before it goes
to press to check the facts and the quotes - it never comes and
invariably makes some outlandish claim.

I see nothing wrong with Pilbeam's comments as to the completeness and
the significance of the find. We all know that finding a complete
maxillary area of a skull is extremely important in evolutionary biology.