Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?
Thu, 25 Jul 1996 17:06:36 GMT (Bryant) wrote:

>In article <4t44dg$>, <> wrote:
>> I can find little reference to actual matriarchy societies...however, I
>> know that they have existed and will exist.
>In point of fact, if you cannot find evidence of their having
>existed, then you do not really "know" that they did. Likewise, it's not
>likely that you can tell the future. (That old evidence thingy, again.)

Actually, your assumption is incorrect.

I do recall seeing references to matriarchy in various references,
over the years. This is called "memory". The next step in scientific
research is finding confirming or denying evidence.
I have found at least one piece of evidence. I continue to find more

Interestingly enough, I started off on this thread agreeing that there
wasn't any evidence. Now, as I dig deeper, I have found some evidence
for a few such tribes. That to me is interesting.

But, I have a scientific background, which apparantly several people
here lack.

>"When the facts don't support beliefs, so much worse for the facts."
> --Letter to Newsweek about America's fascination with
> pseudoscience.