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Tue, 23 Jul 1996 19:07:15 GMT

Richard Ottolini (stgprao@sugarland.unocal.COM) wrote:
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: >caroline laskow wrote:
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: >> was the religion/philosophy of stoicism thought to endanger the newly
: >> emerging christianity? if not, what caused the disappearance of this
: >> belief system which, IMHO, holds as much water today as it did for
: >> marcus aurelius?
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: >I don't think Stoicism just disappeared. The writtings of Lucius Seneca
: >were popular throughout medieval literature, and I think there was a
: >revival of the Stoic school during the Renaissance.

: Ditto. Especially when humanistic based philosophy re-appeared during
: the Renaissance

Just reading some Encyclopedias...such as Britannica or
will discover that many Stoics converted over to the early Christian
Church, with manuals in hand. Some of the conceptual philosophy of
the Stoics, as well as such from Neo-Platonism, were incorporated into
Church thinking...particularly about Jesus as the "Incarnation of the
Logos." Origen and Clement of Alexandria were some of the early
Fathers who attempted to transfer Stoic and Neo-Platonic thinking into

As for a Stoic School during the Renaissance...yes, according to the
same encyclopedias. I suspect if we dug deeper, we might find some
aspects of Stoicism...from cosmology to ethics...lingering around the
academic and ecclesiastical backrooms today! :)