Anasazi On-Line

Richard Rauschmeier (
23 Jul 1996 20:30:41 GMT

Participate in a live, on-line discussion with author, archaeologist, and
climber, David Roberts. Author of In Search of the Old Ones: Exploring
the Anasazi World of the Southwest. Roberts will be taking questions,
comments, and discussing his research into the Anasazi lifestyle. The
one question that haunts him and other southwest researchers is, "Why did
the Anasazi abandon their homes?" This above all, escapes normative
thought - building in stone and then leaving.

The chat will begin at 7pm (eastern) 11pm (gmt), Thursday, July 25, 1996
and be presented on America On-Line (keyword discovery) and on the
internet using RealAudio at Discovery's Home Page ->

e-mail <> for more info