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23 Jul 1996 21:13:45 GMT

Gerold Firl ( wrote:
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: |> Gerold Firl ( wrote:

: |> : Deloria claimed to have identified amerindian myths and oral tradition
: |> : which described the "red, shaggy fur" of the stegosaurus; evidence that
: |> : biological evolution and scientific archeology were all wrong. The man
: |> : is a crackpot and a loony, but you can't admit that, though you have no
: |> : problem using the most vitriolic criticism against Others.

: |> You are using whom, Ted Hodden (or whatever is the "Society for
: |> Interdisiplinary Studies") for a pre-reader?

: did ted misquote deloria? It's certainly true that hodden lifted the

Rather hard to know, since there is no specific cite (rather astonishing,
given the obvious interest). The point is, your criticism can not be any
more informed than your source(s). Having not read the work, once, or as
a critical reader of Deloria's interpretation(s) of Conquest-surviving
texts, your contribution to an understanding of the work's failings is a
bit limited.

: sections of _red earth, white lies_ which supported his particular form
: of creationist/catastrophist loonyism, but the fact is, deloria wrote
: that junk. I agree that ted hodden is a kook. What you refuse to
: acknowledge is that vine deloria is also a kook. The reason you refuse
: to acknowledge it is because vine deloria is an indian.

Nope. Plenty of kooky redskins. That isn't the problem. The problem is
the complexity of Vine's attempt, and his abilities as a scholar. Taking
on all of Americanist Modernism and scienticism in Native/Non-native
"scholarship" is an enormous undertaking. RE/WL is only volume 1 of a
three part work in progress.

: You are so transparently ethnocentric that it isn't even funny. Your
: pose of smug superiority is a little bit funny, but not enough to make
: up for your lack of manners.

Thanks. I thought you were responding to the question of whether or not
you'd read a particular work. My mistake. Deletions, for content.

Eric Brunner