Re: info on participant observer method?
23 Jul 1996 01:36:26 GMT

In article <>, Pamela
Moll writes:

>I am writing a paper on the use of the participant observer method of
>research (as it is used by anthropologists, writers, and reporters) for my

>graduate journalism class. I wondered if anyone would be able to suggest
>some books or articles which address this topic. If so please e-mail to
>this account or post. Thank you in advance.
>Pamela Moll

Very good place to start is "Ethnographic Methods" edited by Roy Ellen,
Academic Press, ca. 1988.

Another good recent on is "Tales of the Field" by John Van Maanen.
University of Chicago, ca. 1986.

Probably the best philosophical one is "From Anxiety to Method in the
Behavioral Sciences" by George Devereux, 1967, The Hague: Mouton.

Obviously there's new stuff being written all the time. I remember seeing
one by Bruce Jackson that looked okay.

Jay Bernstein