Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?

Al Billings (
22 Jul 1996 17:40:29 GMT

Mary Beth Williams ( wrote:
: I've always found the discussion of *were there matriarchal societies*
: to be loaded, a ruse for men to show just how superior all men, and
: hence themselves, are and have always been, over women. Why do we not
: focus instead on patriarchy? When did it develop? Under what
: conditions? Where/are all societies patriarchal? A great deal of
: interesting scholarly work has been done on the subject (namely by
: women anthropologists) and yet we seldom see men even breaching the
: subject. What (and WHO) defines *patriarchy* and why are we so
: inclined to avoid discussing the subject?

Possibly, in this instance, because patriarchy wasn't the issue.
Individuals were making the often announced claim of the grand
goddess-worshipping matriarchy that existed before the nasty men and their
wars came and destroyed it. I, personally, was just asking for some actual
evidence that a matriarchy had ever existed. No one has been able to
provide any and I never saw any when I studied Anthropology either.