Re: What Matriarchy?

Daniel Maltz (
21 Jul 1996 21:20:45 GMT wrote:
: >I am not an anthropologist, but I am a Jew and therefore know that this is not correct.

: My arguments were (1) that both definitions are in common use, so
: arguing the validity of any one over the other seems pointless, (2) that

. . .

: The American Heritage Dictionary
: Matriarchy - (1) a social system in which decent is traced through the
: mother€s side of the family; (2) a matriarchate.

This kind of argument is more than a little silly. If you look up the
word "atom" in Webster's Unabridged, the first definition is "a tiny
particle; an extremely small bit of anything; a jot". The second
definition is the technical definition from physics and chemistry.
Anyone using the non-technical definition in a scientific context would
be laughed at. There is just as little justification for using a popular
loose definition of matriarchy in an even marginally scholarly context.