Re: What Matriarchy? (was Drugs etc.)

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Sat, 20 Jul 96 09:51:47 PDT (Lisa L Guffy) writes:

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> >>In <4sdvg5$> (Al Billings)
> >>writes:
> >>> There is NO evidence for their having ever been a matriarchy in any
> >>>society in the world. Matrifocal, yes, but not Matriarchy. Perhaps you can
> >>>give some sources that I never found when I studied Anthropology?
> >>Recently, in Russia, they have found graves with women who were burried
> >>with weapons and men with the children. There have been many
> >>discoveries in the last decade which would point to martiarchy. I
> >>cannot quote studies, but they are out there. Maybe you need to update
> >>your study information with the current events...
> Why do we equate taking care of children with low social position?
> That idea seems to be well entrenched in our current society and
> I don't see how it can have any relevance in a Matriarchal society.
> The point behind the matriarchal society is the MOTHERHOOD is revered
> and mothers are looked to for guidance. As for the weapons, I
> don't think weapons automatically means that you are top dog.

Oi, where do you people come from? In most cultures (eastern and western),
women were not considered of any great import. Look at the Greeks, women had
one purpose, to conceive the next generation of greeks.

On the second point, always remember: "Might is right".

> If matriarchy is a simply role-reversial of what we have now,
> count me out. I would rather have equality, where there
> are no assumptions about the sharing of work.

When you look at history, all people shared work. Women took care of the cave
and the gathering, men went out and got big animals to eat. Simplistic
perhaps, but it gives you an idea.

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