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Benjamin J Todd wrote:
> Hullo,
> A few semesters ago, I was taking a Humanities course and in it we
> learned a bit about the ancient Mesopotamians. In one part of the
> course, my professor discussed the Sumerians. In his lectures on them, he
> gave some seemingly very strange information about them. For example, he
> said that a Sumerian dagger made of 24k gold that was actually functional!
> He said that the Sumerians had developed a way to temper gold to a
> hardness that even modern technology cannot replicate.
> He also said that the Sumerians are different from any other group
> of people ever studied, racially and linguistically.
> I figure anything is possible, but my friend is very skeptical. I
> shared these interesting gems of information with him and he thought they
> were a crock.I'd love to prove him wrong, or at least learn more about this
> (especially if my information is wrong). If anyone has any information
> about these things, please e-mail me directly.
> Thanks,
> Ben
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> Ben Todd
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Have you read any of of Zacharie Stichens books. He has done his own
interpretations of Sumerian stone tablets, and tells the story of early alian
influence in seeding this planet with humans. He has 4 or 5 books out, I
cannot find in in the stack in the corner, but recall one name "The stairway
to heaven". They are an interesting read.