Research Position in Distributed Document Technologies at Rank Xerox Research Centre, Cambridge, UK

Jim Holmes (
Wed, 17 Jul 1996 19:43:17 +0100

Research Position in Distributed Document Technologies at Rank Xerox
Centre, Cambridge

Rank Xerox Research Centre, Cambridge Laboratory is part of an expanding
European based research centre which includes a second site in
Grenoble. The
Cambridge Laboratory carries out interdisciplinary research in the
and use of technologies for supporting distributed organisations, with a
emphasis on the human and organisational aspects of technology in use.
laboratory has close links with a number of divisions of Xerox and Rank
and collaborates with other research groups in the UK, continental
Europe and
the US.

Our research programme (Studies of Technology, Organisations and Work)
social science and technical perspectives on the design of systems for
use in
the workplace. Our current research projects are examining the
across which distributed document work is conducted. In formulating our
long-term research strategy we are focusing on investigating these in
terms of
personal; inter- and intra- organisational; work-practice; cultural;
and geographical boundaries, and developing ways to take account of
implications for system design.

We are seeking a research scientist to play a major role in developing
approaches to distributed document technology from this perspective. The
appointee is likely to have a background in computer science or a
discipline, with an understanding of distributed and collaborative
technologies. Applicants are expected to have a keen interest not only
in the
infrastructural issues of distributed systems, but also in incorporating
social, organisational and psychological dimensions of work into the
design and
development of novel networked systems. The appointed person will take
responsibility for the technological component of our programme and will
join a
multi-disciplinary team involving computer science, pychology and

(Applicants for the recently advertised post in Requirements for
Services need not re-apply as they will automatically be considered for

Informal enquiries may be made to:
Graham Button (, +44 1223 341500
Allan MacLean (, +44 1223 341517

Applicants should submit a Curriculum Vitae to:
Sian Wicklow (ref. S1)
Rank Xerox Research Centre
61 Regent Street,
Cambridge CB2 1AB,
Tel:+44 1223 341553
Fax: +44 1223 341510