Re: Jesus = Lucifer = THE Devil

Gerold Firl (
16 Jul 1996 19:58:14 GMT

In article <4sbit1$bin$>, Vinodh Kumar <101352.2037@CompuServe.COM> writes:

|> A cathartic and closely-reasoned work, "The Key to the bible",
|> together with its peer "The Judgement on christianity", will leave
|> christians aghast over the enormous fraud of their scripture, a
|> fraud conceived by Lucifer, initiated by jehovah-god, and
|> finalised by jesus as the alter ego of Lucifer.

No no no. Lucifer, jesus, and prometheus (the bringers of light) are all
incarnations of the trickster, loki, also known as logus the liar -
personification of fire and the word. Loki is able to use his verbal
genius both to enlighten and to confuse, as is seen in some of his more
popular works, such as the bible, the torah, the vedas, and other myths
which he has spawned over the ages.

Don't feel bad about being fooled; he fools everyone.

And the fact that you take your own, narrow, ethnocentric viewpoint as
the supreme aleph-point from which to objectively judge the world is no
shame; happens all the time. %^)

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