Re: diseases and immunity

Eric Brunner (
16 Jul 1996 14:29:13 GMT

Not addressed in your pithy post was your claim w.r.t. the posts by MB
Williams, in which you wrote:

:: Coming form someone who repeatedly put out erroneous data.

To which I replied (hope springs eternal, the pursuit of data, not folly):
:I trust that details will be forthcomming? In the absence, you do know
:what the usual conclusion is, neh?

Philip Deitiker ( wrote:

: >When you get up off of the metaphorical floor, you may want to check and
: >see if you rolled around in anything.

: Yes, the metaphorical dung of Eric Brunner comes to mind.

This is a less than substantive response. The usual conclusion applies.

"Grinning" is not a substitute for useful work. It is a common cop-out
for trolling however.

Eric Brunner