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16 Jul 1996 13:37:39 GMT

Philip Deitiker ( wrote:
: (Eric Brunner) wrote:

: >For some reason Philip is following up on a follow-up I made to one of
: >Sisal's posts. Oh well...

: >Philip Deitiker ( wrote:
: >: (Eric Brunner) wrote:
: >: >Feel free to post anything you want, now that you've established the value
: >: >you place on definitions of such key athropological terms as domesticatants,
: >: >cultigens and so forth.
: >: Example 1 (see below): BTW, As an 'anthropologist' Eric you should
: >: know that vocabulary is the property of those societies which choose
: >: to use those words to intercommunicate. While your language bashing

: >domesticatant and cultigen are hardly obscure terms in the literature(s)
: >of anthropology. Perhaps those so troubled by the cognitive dissonance
: >introduced by reliance upon such tacitly encumbered texts as dictionaries
: >when attempting to _think_ about culture should re-think the utility of
: >their attempts.
: Example #7

: >I recommend Dave Rindos' work for both, see Domingo's recent post with
: >that cite. If there is a serious discussion of the subject, I'll drop
: >him a line and he'll "drop by" for questions.

: If you find a word usage innappropriate, _define it and give a
: source_, in a since when you criticized one of my statements you did
: not help in defining, in and as much no-one has actually done so.

Read Rindos. Deletions.