Upward Invasion of Professions, and It's Ramifications

Tue, 16 Jul 1996 09:24:47 UTC

Upward Invasion of Professions, and It's Ramifications

With equal employment opportunity's (EEO) downward wage
equalizing effects whereby wages will be equalized to the
value of the least preferred job candidate within job
category, you have situations where workers in lower
professions will perceive incentives to upgrade their skills
and invade higher professions where wages will be higher.

The ramifications of the above is that you will 1.) start to
see situations of oversupply of labor in certain higher job
categories thereby driving down the compensation levels of
those job categories, 2.) with the exodus of the best and the
brightest from each lower profession, then you will see
average capability levels in all professions declining, 3.)
you will start to see an economy without substance, because
it is in the lower professions where the bottom-line
productive work is done, 4.) you will have a society with all
chiefs but no Indians, 5.) you will see over-emphasis on
education to the point where a mere college degree goes
virtually worthless - only a "brand" name degree will count
for something (e.g. Harvard, Princeton, Yale) thereby
increasing demand for "brand" name degrees and sending their
prices through the roof while wages still continue to head
south, 6.) eventually holders of even "brand" name degrees
will face a job market with nonexistent opportunities.

Aren't we seeing all of the above in the United States labor

For example, consider medicine and law. Because job and wage
opportunities are being extinguished elsewhere in the
economy, applications to medical and law schools are up even
though compensation levels in medicine and law are going

For you computer people out there, consider Web page design.
Companies are in a frantic pace to develop web pages, but not
because they are fans of state-of-the-art technology nor are
they interested in the advertising and promotion potential of
web presence. No! What they are eager to do is downwardly
equalize all of their customer service representatives by
eliminating them and getting their customers to do their own
data entry on a web page. What will become of the displaced
customer service reps? They will go to a two-bit commercial
school on a government grant and study web page design and
invade that job category thereby creating an oversupply of
labor in it. Just look at all the promotion on TV for people
to upgrade their computer skills - promotion that is
chock-full of fallacy, indeed! You web page designers are
working your way out of a job AND A CAREER! Even if the
displaced customer service reps are never again employed,
their inactivity will be symptomatic of an ever shrinking
economy which cannot sustain healthy compensation levels
(from a demand standpoint) for web page designers.

The socioeconomic hierarchy is like an organization chart
which in turn is like a triangle - wide at the bottom and
narrowing at the tip. What you have here is a rush of
persons from the wide bottom squeezing, shoving, and viciously
vying and undercutting in order to secure a position near the
narrowing tip. Then low paid jobs in the wide bottom (where
wages are still being depreciated due to EEO) go begging.
What is the response of the world manipulators to this state
of affairs? They go running to the government to open the
floodgate to immigration to fill those jobs at wages below
the poverty line (at least by U.S. standards). The dumbest
student of high school Economics knows that the worst thing to
do is to allow immigration when there are declining wages in a
country. Once the immigrants become established, then the
best and brightest of the second generation immigrants feel
the pinch of downward wage equalization, and they too go on an
upward invasion into prestigious universities and professions!

(Writer's note: This writer readily admits that the above is
not generally happening in a very clear cut manner. You can
go to the beach and observe the waves while the undertow goes
undetected to the eye. What is being described above is more
like the undertow.)

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"Government enforced wage equalization will work only in the
downward direction" - despite any initial appearance to the
contrary! And if you don't think that any of this applies to
you, then you're the one who needs to read the treatise the

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