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Eric Brunner (
15 Jul 1996 17:24:34 GMT

Philip Deitiker ( wrote:
: Beth Williams) wrote:

: >This is completely inappropriate, particularly for someone who couldn't
: >use a dictionary properly (re: the term Paleolithic), and who, although
: >participating in an anthropology newsgroup, was unfamiliar with some of
: >the most basic constructs of the field...

: Coming form someone who repeatedly put out erroneous data.

I trust that details will be forthcomming? In the absence, you do know
what the usual conclusion is, neh?

: Hey, I
: don't have the anthroplogist lexicon sitting next to my computer,

What a charming concept, "the anthroplogist lexicon" ...

: I try to use as accurate a vocabulary as I can, and to tell the truth my
: espertise is (not cultural, or physical anthropology)


: revistionist doctrine.

A what?

: Hey its speculation (as I said). Secondarily if you examine european

This is Firl's strong suite. Your membership in his club is noted. Feel
free to contact him for dues and so forth, you may get a free printer
as part of the deal.

: mesoamerican I mean that the technologies and social arrangements
: utilized by the mesomaericans would probably migrate northward
: overtime and genetic control of the institutions of govenment might
: have also shifted northward, but the conceptual organization of
: society would probably principally evolve from mesoamerican concepts.

Oh mega sigh! Thank dieties that there are diffusionists who are less
unrestrained in their speculative offerings. "Genetic control of the
institutions of govenment", now there is a concept.

: Again this has no relationship to the discussion and is mear
: speculation,

Offered as refutation of serious work. Charming.

: >Should be enlightening to anyone left on the group who values your
: >professed knowledge in these areas.

Perhaps no one at Baylor knows. Perhaps no one anywhere cares.

: ROFL, you guys really got a thing going here, look I may not be up to
: snuff on all the latest lingo of the feild, but the issue was
: immunology and disease. Anyway keep em coming this should make for
: months of entertainment. I got to go deal with Domingo's hilarious
: post now.

When you get up off of the metaphorical floor, you may want to check and
see if you rolled around in anything. Domingo is rather more useful than
four posters in this thread I can think of off hand, and the difference
between the testesterone-is-everything poster, Firl, and your own posts
is taxing to locate.

: Philip

Eric Brunner