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Sun, 14 Jul 1996 22:40:16 GMT Beth Williams) wrote:

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>>Coming form someone who repeatedly put out erroneous data.

>Name one *erroneous* piece of data that I've posted, Philip. (Not
>interpretation, but _data_.)

Lets see, the various populations of european cities at 1663 comes to
mind. If I recall correctly London was the first 'known' city to
achieve a population of >1,000,000 what's the year? 1800?. You
originally lead the reader to believe that at 1663 the population of
london was 200,000 later you demonstrated that according to the growth
statistics the population was 680,000.
Want me to restate your numbers on relative population densities?
Interpretation (exaggeration, distortion or inappropriate comparison)
or data, it doesn't matter you purposely, minimized the extent of
european population center size and have exaggerated in an
unsubstatiatable way the size of permanent settlements in the atlantic
northeast. I'm still waiting for the methods you have used to
determine population size during from 1300 to 1600 in the atlantic
northeast. Not that its germane to the subject, but I'de sure like to
know how our tax dollars are being spent in anthropology these days.