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Sun, 14 Jul 1996 18:45:58 GMT Beth Williams) wrote:

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>>Go for it, just try to be more accurate in your responses. Seems to me
>>that U o Missuori needs to make a better effort on well-rounding its
>>student population.

>This is completely inappropriate, particularly for someone who couldn't
>use a dictionary properly (re: the term Paleolithic), and who, although
>participating in an anthropology newsgroup, was unfamiliar with some of
>the most basic constructs of the field. A case of the kettle calling
>the frying pan black? Even if Domingo has erred (and I'm not convinced
>he has) in this interpretation (although, it seems he asked for proof,
>rather than made an assertion), I still believe that he has shown much
>greater depth and breadth of understanding of anthropological method
>and theory (and we still are in sci.anthro, are we not) than perhaps
>you have.

Coming form someone who repeatedly put out erroneous data. Hey, I
don't have the anthroplogist lexicon sitting next to my computer, I
try to use as accurate a vocabulary as I can, and to tell the truth my
espertise is more into the biochemistry, but that don't mean I can't
call a duck a duck and a dog a dog and at least I not here grinding a
revistionist doctrine.

>Of course, I could make an example of your lack *well-roundedness* on
>the subject of New World anthropology by posting my replies to your 17K
>post on everything from population size and mobility versus sedentism
>to your hypothesis that Aztecs would have taken over the wampum trade
>in the Northeast had not the *superior* Euros arrived when they did and
>how Euros would have beaten the Indians even w/o disease on their side.

I was wondering when you were going to get around to this (grinning).
Hey its speculation (as I said). Secondarily if you examine european
history you might notice that genetics and social organizations, were
not exactly correlatable with respect to time. When I said
mesoamerican I mean that the technologies and social arrangements
utilized by the mesomaericans would probably migrate northward
overtime and genetic control of the institutions of govenment might
have also shifted northward, but the conceptual organization of
society would probably principally evolve from mesoamerican concepts.
Again this has no relationship to the discussion and is mear
speculation, and as you've stated those superior euros got their first
with those genetically engineered diseases strictly designed to wipe
out all unsuspecting native americans (and AIDS was also created by
the CIA to deal with US minority groups)<sic>.

>Should be enlightening to anyone left on the group who values your
>professed knowledge in these areas.

ROFL, you guys really got a thing going here, look I may not be up to
snuff on all the latest lingo of the feild, but the issue was
immunology and disease. Anyway keep em coming this should make for
months of entertainment. I got to go deal with Domingo's hilarious
post now.