Re: On credulity and religion
Sat, 13 Jul 1996 11:38:39 -0700

Bryant wrote:

> Biblical scholarship, while potentially valuable with regards to moral
> issues, has been a dismal failure at correctly predicting things about
> the physical world. Flat earth. Geocentric universe.
> Creationism. Unchanging allele frequencies. Etc.

Shall we also list the dismal failures of science? I've already provided
a list of the successes in some aspects of religion. To flaunt the
successes of one (without also examing the failures), while flaunting
the failures of the other (without also examining the successes) shows
some serious bias. I've already pointed out the logical error inherent
in the use of only one religion as an argument against all religions.

I've also pointed out that science and religion are not mutually
exclusive. And both have influenced each other. You address 'biblical
scholarship'. Where in the bible is there an argument for a flat earth?
a geocentric universe? creationism? unchanging allele frequencies?
etc... Attempts have been made to utilize the bible in scientific and
philosophical arguments, but these are scientific and philosophical
arguments, not biblical ones.

Also, I will restate that religion is a broad subject and cannot be
defined by Christianity.