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Richard Foy (rfoy@netcom.com)
Thu, 11 Jul 1996 15:06:41 GMT

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>Richard Foy wrote:
>> Have you read any of the work on Near Death Experiences?
>> If so what is your opinion o what is going on with them?
>I did read one book a long time ago that put accounts of what people had
>experienced in near-death experiences alongside accounts of what people
>experienced on hallucinogenic drugs. Of course its all down to what
>people say so the potential is there for leading questions and whatever
>but this book maintained that the two experiences were practically
>identical, if I remember correctly. I did also hear a story about a
>casualty department in a hospital that put objects on shelves high up on
>the walls above the patients so that the objects couldn't be identified
>without a stepladder, and when any of the patients claimed to have had an
>out-of-body experience near death they were asked to identify the objects
>on the shelves, which I think is a nifty idea. I'm sure James Randi would

I read one report of NDE where the patients had described things in
the operating room which they had no way of knowing from their
senses. The report was pretty convincing.

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