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>>>> Conclusive evidence of life after death actually has been available
>>>> for more than a quarter-century.
>>>> This opinion is shared by two of the world's foremost authorities on
>>>> death and dying, Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and Dr. Bruce Greyson.
>>>> They agree that the proof had been provided by a pair of Pennsylvania
>>>> coal miners who, back in 1963, revealed that Pope John XXIII had
>>>> appeared to both of them at the same time during their 14-day
>>>> entombment following an underground cave-in near Hazleton, Pa.
>>>Well, I guess that settles it. I can't express how relieved I am.
>>Have you read any of the work on Near Death Experiences?
>>If so what is your opinion o what is going on with them?
> I can't speak for Stephen, but I've read some of that "work" (as
>well as some of the real work done by real researchers). A lot of
>what passes for "work" is the gosh-wow stories of the credulous (the
>kind of thing you see on "Sightings" and "Unsolved Mysteries").

It is not clear from this who's stuff you are including in the
category of "work" or gosh-wow stories and who's stuff you arfe
incoluding as "real work."

> However, work has been done (I'll see if I can find the author
>I'm most familiar with--it's been a while and I can't remember her
>name offhand) involving the actual physiology involved. Several of
>the typical phenomena (the "floating above the body" and "moving down
>a long dark tunnel" hallucinations) have been linked to known
>psycological and physiological effects in the brain under conditions
>that include those of "Near Death Experiences." As for visions of
>peole, religious figures, etc., well, when oxygen is cut off to the
>brain, you hallucinate. No great mystery there. What you hallucinate
>will be based on what's already _in_ your brain--memories, religious
>beliefs, etc. There are enough people out there who get into this
>kind of situation that occassionally you'd expect to hit the
>"jackpot." (Somebody hallucinated a living grandmother is ignored
>while somebody who hallucinates a dead grandmother has a "near death
> Again, I'll try to track down the author who wrote up some
>interesting research on the subject.

The explanations you cite above do not explain some of the more
compelling data that I have seen.

I wonder, however, if this ng is the proper place to continue this

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