Re: Status of Golden Bough
10 Jul 1996 15:07:14 GMT

Magic, simply put, is self help. Whenever magic deviates from this norm
it becomes destructive. Therefore positive magic is helpful and negative
magic is destructive.

Magic is as ancient as time. The reason for it's unpopularity is the fact
that it has been suppressed by Christianity for the past 2,000 years and
sent underground.

Magic is now coming out of hiding thanks mainly to the influence of the
Aquarian age that actually came into effect on march 15, 1996. Along
with magic is the revival of the worship of the Great Mother in favor of
the "Lord" or "Jesus" or " Allah" etc.

Every human has the power within themselves to perform successful magic to
enrich and uplift their lives. Many yearn for this knowledge but are
afraid to let go of their limiting beliefs entrenched in their minds by
millennia of miss-education.

It is in everyone€s best interest to learn about magic because positive
magic is helpful and harmless. It is only when one delves into the realms
of negative magic that one need to fear. You will be punished if you
practice negative magic. You will be rewarded tremendously when you
practice positive magic for the good of all.

The terms 'black' and 'white' magic are simply masks to hide the truth
about magic. These terms are misnomers. Do not be misled. Practicing
positive magic will only make life more worthwhile and fulfilling.

Anyone interested in learning more about the world of magic (the world
between worlds) may send an email stating their desires.