Re: Ice Man

Susan (
8 Jul 1996 16:47:13 GMT (Dean Seeley) wrote:
>I am a student in Washington state in the USA. I am also interested in
>the Ice Man and any sources of information on him and the work done as I
>am doing a paper on him. Anyone know about sources on the Net or in any

How about journal articles (sorry, didn't mean to wound snotty, but not
everything is available on the Net!)?! There was a nice write-up in
Antiquity a few years back, 68:10-26, by Lawrence Barfield, but it might
be out of date now. There's also a Nova video floating around. It
wasn't too bad, though it did make some rather sweeping conclusions about
the ethnic affiliations of the Ice Man, and seemed to imply that
archaeology didn't know anything until the body was found (obviously
silly, since it was archaeological knowledge that allowed him to be
identified int he first place). Someone's probably written a book by
now, so check your local library!




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