Re: Did Lucy have human-like feet?

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8 Jul 1996 16:11:26 GMT

In article <> "A. Pagano" <> writes:
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>On 27 Jun 1996 (Christopher C. Wood) wrote:
>>No. What evidence do you have that K-Ar dating method is in serious
>>error? Can you point to other efforts to assign an age to the strata
>>that suggests a different age? Otherwise, you are simply ignoring
>>evidence that disagrees with your preconceived bias.
>In the article,"The Dating Gap" Marvin L. Lubenow writes:
[gap in dating available between C-14 and K-Ar]

Sorry to delete the quoted text, but my newsreader requires that the included
text exceed quoted text.

The Lubenow material states that we can't date thing accurately in a
certain window. Too old for C-14, too young for K-Ar. It doesn't
address the *validity* of dating at all. Try again.

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