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7 Jul 1996 18:32:57 GMT wrote:

: I would think this would be a good forum to discuss the application of
: non-linear dynamics to anthropology...

Oh please! No. sci.anth is hardly the first or best place to attempt to
find some application for non-standard analysis. Take my word for it,
or don't as you see fit.

: I suppose I'd better establish my definitions first. These definitions
: are drawn from the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary:

: domesticate...
: tame...
: Domestication, then, implies ...

This is _sci_._anthro_, not a dictonary-of-the-week quotable quote dumping
ground. If you can't find definitions for terminology in the literature, I
suggest asking for assistance, rather than recourse to some source which
has little or no committment to providing a useful (in this context) text
for definitional clarity. Just to reality check, does Merriam-Webster have
the _mathematical_ definition of a "field"? If it doesn't, then when a
mathematician writes "field" it isn't because he or she is thinking of some
parcel of real estate. Why are terms of art in the discipline of anthropology
more faithfully/usefully rendered in Merriam-Webster than they are for maths?

: I know you are referring to Andean culture. But, I haven't yet examined that
: region.

There is an implication offered that there is some regional culture which
you have "examined". What is it?

: I am sure that many of the Aztec practices ...

Since Aztec "culture" is defined as beginning in 1325 AD, I suspect that
you ment something else than what you've written, and Mesos in general are
exculded from your area(s) of prior examination.

: As to the concepts of 'backwards' or 'behind', the Aztec practices of
: irrigation, fertilization, and terracing are still standard in agriculture

Sigh. These are hardly the inventors of these technologies.

Deletions. Sorry, but for content.

Eric Brunner