Re: diseases and immunity

James Howard (
Sun, 07 Jul 1996 05:50:46 -0700

I posted to this thread some time back that the levels of testosterone in
individuals is directly involved in the effectiveness of the immune
system. I also pointed out that testosterone increases in every society
as a result of sexual activity, and this produces the "secular trend."
The Associated Press released the infection rates of the HIV in this
country, as part of the coverage of the latest international conference
on AIDS. The findings are that the HIV infects: 1 in every 50 black men;
1 in every 100 Hispanic men; 1 in every 250 white men; 1 in every 160
black women; and 1 in every 3,000 white women. A report in November,
1995, in the journal Science contained essentially similar statistics.
What is not contained in the AP report is the data that tuberculosis
infects more blacks than whites, matched socioeconomically.
In the face of overwhelming lack of response to my hypothesis, I invite
you to read my article on AIDS at for a
detailed explanation of how testosterone levels affect immune response.
As testosterone increases in a society, it is my hypothesis that it
adversely affects development of the final part of brain development.
This results in an increased lack of ability to control impulses
initiated by the lower brain. This is why groups of high testosterone
individuals are more prone to crime.
This increase in testosterone occurs periodically. I think it
accumulates and increases the probability of decline of civilizations.
That is, when the levels of testosterone reach a critical level,
infection rates increase, impulse control declines, aggression increases,
and intelligence declines. Whenever this occurs, civilizations decline.
When the Europeans brought their infectious microbes to the New World,
these groups, I suggest, were in a period of high testosterone. This
made the effect of infectious microbial "virgin soil" much worse.
James Howard