Re: This used to be on disease and immunity

Stephen Barnard (
Sat, 06 Jul 1996 09:58:43 -0800

> (Domingo Martinez-Castilla) wrote:
> >5. Domestication: I humbly request any reference indicating which
> >American animal and crop species were domesticable and had not been
> >domesticated at the time of contact. In other words, how many
> >indigenous American species of plants and animals have been domesticated
> >in the last 500 years? Or even more: all over the world?

The North American Bison. They are commonly raised for food.

Also the turkey. They've been domesticated to the point where thay are
nearly unrecognizable as being related to their wild progenitor.

Also quail, which are raised for both meat and eggs.

Another example (worldwide) is the Ostrich. I believe there are efforts
to domesticate Eland.

Steve Barnard