Re: diseases and immunity

Mary Beth Williams (
6 Jul 1996 19:48:34 GMT

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Deitiker) writes:

>Go for it, just try to be more accurate in your responses. Seems to me
>that U o Missuori needs to make a better effort on well-rounding its
>student population.

This is completely inappropriate, particularly for someone who couldn't
use a dictionary properly (re: the term Paleolithic), and who, although
participating in an anthropology newsgroup, was unfamiliar with some of
the most basic constructs of the field. A case of the kettle calling
the frying pan black? Even if Domingo has erred (and I'm not convinced
he has) in this interpretation (although, it seems he asked for proof,
rather than made an assertion), I still believe that he has shown much
greater depth and breadth of understanding of anthropological method
and theory (and we still are in sci.anthro, are we not) than perhaps
you have.

Of course, I could make an example of your lack *well-roundedness* on
the subject of New World anthropology by posting my replies to your 17K
post on everything from population size and mobility versus sedentism
to your hypothesis that Aztecs would have taken over the wampum trade
in the Northeast had not the *superior* Euros arrived when they did and
how Euros would have beaten the Indians even w/o disease on their side.
Should be enlightening to anyone left on the group who values your
professed knowledge in these areas.


MB Williams
Dept. of Anthro., UMass-Amherst